Nightlights Sequel Now Available for Order

Hicotea: A Nightlights Story

Lorena Alvarez’s Nightlights was a gorgeous, unsettling story about art and nightmares. Now there’s been a sequel announced, Hicotea: A Nightlights Story. The young artist Sandy returns and

On a school field trip to the river, Sandy wanders away from her classmates and discovers an empty turtle shell. Peeking through the dark hole, she suddenly finds herself within a magical realm. Filled with sculptures, paintings, and books, the turtle’s shell is a museum of the natural world. But one painting is incomplete, and the turtle needs Sandy’s help to finish it.

Hicotea: A Nightlights Story

Here’s an example of the kind of amazing art that makes this series such an impressive read.

Hicotea: A Nightlights Story preview page by Lorena Alvarez

Hicotea is due out the first week in March. It can be preordered now from your local comic shop with Diamond code JAN19 2006. You can also preorder a paperback edition of the first book as JAN19 2005.

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