National Parks of the USA

As someone who’s never been able to successfully go camping — I’m allergic to the outdoors, and the one time I tried, I managed to develop bronchitis — I found this beautifully illustrated oversized hardcover a wonderful, escapist read, like paging through a catalog of gorgeous things I can’t afford.

National Parks of the USA is written by Kate Siber, illustrated by Chris Turnham, and covers 21 of the 59 national parks, arranged by region. Each is introduced with an amazingly scenic two-page illustration, accompanied by evocative text to build the mood. That’s followed by smaller pictures and descriptions of the various fauna and flora you’ll see in the park.

National Parks of the USA

National Parks of the USA is a fascinating portrait of the diversity of nature found in the United States, reinforcing how important the protection of these territories and vistas is. Readers can spend time sinking into the large images, imagining themselves visiting, but be prepared to want to plan a trip afterwards. (The publisher provided a review copy.)


  • Steven R

    I think I’ve seen this at my local National Monument’s book store, so the next time, i’ll pick it up and look inside the book.
    FYI, a lot of National Parks have very nice hotels near or even in the park, so one doesn’t have to rough it. But being allergic to outdoors, pine needles, etc would still be problematic and that might even effect a visit to one of our National Seashores.

  • Good point! The book made me want to go see the Grand Canyon and Yosemite, as well-known places to start. I hope you enjoy the book.

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