Resident Alien Pilot Going to TV Series

Resident Alien: Welcome to Earth

Word came out last summer that Resident Alien, the comic book series by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse, was getting a pilot at Syfy. Now publisher Dark Horse has announced the comedic drama has made it to series.

Alan Tudyk will play the alien, Harry,

who, after taking on the identity of a small-town Colorado doctor, slowly begins to wrestle with the moral dilemma of his secret mission on Earth — ultimately asking the question, “Are human beings worth saving?”

Other series regulars include Sara Tomko, Corey Reynolds, Alice Wetterlund, and Levi Fiehler. The TV show will film in Vancouver this coming summer. David Dobkin executive produced and directed the pilot, with other executive producers including Chris Sheridan, Mike Richardson and Keith Goldberg of Dark Horse Entertainment, and Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank of Amblin TV.

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