New Mutants Movie Delayed Again

The New Mutants poster

It’s got to be hard, merging two major movie studios. No matter how bad it will eventually be for the customer, Disney is plowing ahead with its acquisition of Fox, and one of the results seems to be not knowing what to do with The New Mutants movie. Originally produced by Fox as part of the X-Men franchise, it’s now owned by Disney, along with the rest of the Marvel properties (except for Sony’s Spider-Man rights).

Originally scheduled for release in April 2018, the new release date is now April 3, 2020. The New Mutants is not your typical mutant superhero film, taking a horror approach, as you can see in the trailer. There’s already been a delay for scheduling conflicts and one for reshoots. The problem with working with young actors is that by the time this comes out and they do publicity, they’re going to look a bit different from their characters, originally filmed in 2017!

This was originally planned to be first in a trilogy, exploring different kinds of horror, but it’s now being described as the final X-Men film.

The New Mutants poster


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