Nutmeg Concludes Series Digitally

Nutmeg #15

It’s a tough road for a small indie comic that doesn’t have a publisher great at marketing (because there are so few of those) or some kind of big-name tie-in (such as a well-known creator or media interest). It’s impressive when, often due to the sheer stubbornness of its creators, a story makes it to its conclusion.

James F. Wright and Jackie Crofts launched Nutmeg four years ago. He describes it as Breaking Bad meets Betty & Veronica. The premise is basically “what if the Girl Scouts were drug dealers?” The new girl in town comes up with an addictive brownie recipe, bringing her in conflict with the established mean girls and their legacy leader. There’s also a determined girl reporter.

The series kept puttering along, eventually putting out four collections, each containing three issues. There’s also a hardcover of the first six issues, making for a more substantial reading experience. In my opinion, that was the biggest problem. The series never quite came out often enough for its story to feel significant and get readers invested. That’s a difficult challenge for many series doing something different.

Anyway, the story and series will conclude next week on June 5, with the simultaneous digital release of the final three issues, #13-15. I admire the team for pushing through and getting this concluded in a meaningful way that wraps things up, complete with the usual back-matter recipes.

If you don’t care for digital, the final collection, Nutmeg Volume 5: Spring: The Good Dine Young, is due out in November.

Nutmeg Volume 5: Spring: The Good Dine Young

(PS to Action Lab — I’m talking about the publishing history of this comic instead of reviewing it because your digital review copies are unreadable. A few watermarks are understandable, if unnecessary, but blanketing the page with them is ridiculous.)

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