Ghosted in L.A.

Ghosted in L.A.

I enjoyed reading Ghosted in L.A. for two reasons: sympathy with the rather haphazard heroine Daphne and curiosity about the supporting cast members. It’s written by Sina Grace and illustrated by Siobhan Keenan.

Daphne has followed her boyfriend to college, moving from Montana to Los Angeles, only to be dumped during their first week there. She doesn’t know anyone besides her former best friend (who tried to warn her away from him) and her chilly roommate. She stumbles into the lovely but abandoned Rycroft Manor, which happens to be inhabited by an odd selection of spirits. They include a young woman about her age who died in the 90s, a snobby older woman, an actively unfriendly man, a shy young music lover, and a closeted lawyer, each with different ghostly abilities.

They strike a deal — she’ll keep them secret and help them as she can (although they end up helping her as much or more), and they will let her hang out with them. Neither she nor the readers know why they’re all there (yet), but we get occasional flashbacks in each chapter. Plus, there are the expected digs at the superficiality of LA and the people that thrive there — Daphne’s ex’s new girlfriend is described as “born in a Vogue photoshoot”.

Ghosted in L.A.

I’m rooting for Daphne, who’s not where she wants to be but keeps trying anyway. It’s entertaining seeing her navigate her circumstances with the assistance of a motley group of acquaintances with very different life — and afterlife — experiences. She’s drawn to be cute but also spirited (forgive the pun). Keenan also does a great job illustrating the variety of the supporting cast.

It’s a fun but thoughtful read with plenty of room to grow (much like its heroine) and more mysteries to reveal. The structure allows for a variety of scenes, including everyday college life, the backgrounds of the ghosts, how they feel about their current existence, and Daphne’s life lessons.

This collection of the first four issues will be published in April 2020. It can be ordered now from your local comic shop with Diamond code DEC19 1279 and will be priced at $14.99. (The publisher provided digital review copies of issues #1-4.)

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