Camp by Kayla Miller

Olive, the lead of Click, is off to summer camp with her friend Willow in Camp.

As seen in the previous book by Kayla Miller, Olive has no problem making lots of friends, but Willow is less outgoing and jealous of the time Olive spends with others. As the two weeks of camp continue, Olive begins to resent Willow for her clinginess, and the two have to learn to understand those different from themselves in order to save their friendship. It’s ok to want to do different things sometimes.

Camp by Kayla Miller

It would have been nice to have gotten more idea of why Willow was so resistant to trying things, even when people were reaching out to her. Her recalcitrance seems exaggerated for dramatic effect, but it’s balanced by the caring counselor Laura, who knows just what to do to soothe her.

The colorful setting and wide variety of activities — sports, music, arts and crafts, video-making, magic, and just hanging out in the cabin — make this a great summer read. As in the previous book, the art is comforting and approachable. Even with the hurt feelings, it’s a wonderful time spent escaping to a terrific camp with all the best kinds of things to do. (Review originally published at Good Comics for Kids.)


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