C2E2 Starts Tomorrow in Chicago

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I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while, but … C2E2, the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, starts tomorrow. I’m excited to be there and to catch up with friends.

The guest announcements were… odd. There’s a list of Comic Guests, which does not include the majority of the graphic novel creators I’m excited to see. They — Faith Erin Hicks, Lucy Knisley, Noelle Stevenson — are listed under Literary Guests, which … well. This artificial distinction may be a result of who’s publishing what, but it also lends itself well to conspiracy theories, as this tweet suggests.

The panel list is hard to navigate, what with all the wrestlers and celebrity signings and such, but here are a few that sound promising:

Saturday 2:00 “Digestible Images: The Blending of Comics and Food Culture” with Sarah Becan, Lucy Knisley, and others (including some pro chefs) in room S405B.

Saturday 2:45 “Rainbow Rowell and Faith Erin Hicks in Conversation” in room S404. Yes, these two overlap. Most of the panels I’m interested in are taking place on Saturday afternoon, which is a shame. (Particularly since due to panels and signings, I have to miss both the shipping discussion and the Good Omens fan panel, which are also that afternoon. I still haven’t found a place to wear my Crowley cosplay.)

Sunday 1:30 “Convention Horror Stories” in room S401 – don’t we all love to hear cringe-worthy tales?

I feel particularly sorry for the “New Comics Generation” panel, which is a worthy topic that got stuck at 4:30 on Sunday (room S405B), when people are either leaving or trying to get one more purchase in.

Anyway, should be a fun weekend! Please feel free to say hi if you see me walking around.

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