Back Issue #120 Has LSH Info, Interview With KC

Back Issue #120

Legion of Super-Heroes fans, you’ll want to make sure to check out Back Issue #120, an issue of the comic history magazine dedicated to “heroes of tomorrow” — which means lots of Legion!

KC Carlson (my husband and former long-running LSH editor) was interviewed for the lead article, a history of Mon-El/Valor. KC remembers how he first hired Adam Hughes and Stuart Immonen. Writer John Wells also talked to Mark Waid for the piece (and magazine editor Michael Eury is one of the Legion of Former Legion Editors).

Back Issue #120

Back Issue #120 cover by Steve Lightle

Weirdly, the later oral history of the infamous “Five Years Later” reboot doesn’t include KC, although he was one of the editors who worked with Tom and Mary Bierbaum. Why? Because the writer of that piece didn’t ask. Instead, he talked with Tom Bierbaum and Tom McCraw, among others.

There is also an article about Legion merchandise and tie-ins, and a long interview with artist Steve Lightle. Other subjects covered this issue include Manhunter 2070, the Space: 1999 comic, Mike Grell’s Starslayer, and Sonic Disruptors.


  • Hal Shipman

    Bought mine (and a book). Thanks for the heads up.

  • Hope you enjoy them! I know TwoMorrows appreciates the business, as do so many other publishers at this time.

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