SPX Legal Defense Fund Case Settled

Almost two years ago, a group of comic creators were sued by small-press publisher Cody Pickrodt for defamation when they accused him (or repeated the accusation) of what the law is calling “sexual misconduct”.

Now, a statement has been issued that an out-of-court settlement has been reached. Eight of the defendants had previously been dismissed from the case due to jurisdiction.

Cody Pickrodt and Whitney Taylor issued a statement that reads, in part:

Both of us wish to put this entire episode behind us and move on with our lives. We both agree that we won’t disparage one another going forward. We also ask that people familiar with this situation respect our wishes that this matter be left in the past, and that people refrain from discussing it and from using negative language to describe anyone involved.

Morgan Pielli and Hazel Newlevant issued a shorter statement saying that they hadn’t seen any of Pickrodt’s alleged behavior, but they chose to believe Taylor, and “we will not discuss it any further.”

This is probably the best ending possible. Legal support, even for a settlement or agreement of this nature is expensive. Along those lines, the GoFundMe fundraiser is still accepting contributions, although they haven’t updated with this information.

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