Ants Don’t Wear Pants!

Ants Don't Wear Pants!

Kevin McCloskey has a mini empire of educational comics about everyday wildlife from Toon Books called “Giggle and Learn”. They’re handsome hardcovers, aimed at grades K-1, that feature humor and gross facts. The newest, Ants Don’t Wear Pants!, joins the following:

Like the other books, this installment provides some basic facts: key bits of ant anatomy, the ant life cycle, how they communicate, some different types, their diet and predators, and outrageous abilities.

Ants Don't Wear Pants!

It’s, as always, a light but fun read that can fascinate kids with detailed knowledge, simply and clearly presented. And I appreciate that the pages are on a tan background because McCloskey paints his art on recycled grocery bags. (The publisher provided a review copy.)

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