Young Charlotte, Filmmaker

Young Charlotte, Filmmaker

I was reminded how much I enjoyed Frank Viva’s work during a recent re-read of A Trip to the Bottom of the World With Mouse, so I thought I’d check out some of his other picture books.

I should have done that earlier, since Young Charlotte, Filmmaker was perfect for me. Produced by The Museum of Modern Art in New York, it’s the story of a young woman who adores black and white and makes her own movies.

Sometimes she’s discouraged about not fitting in, but then she meets a woman who works in MoMA’s film department who shares classic movies with her.

Young Charlotte, Filmmaker

The work has a really unique look, stark and flat and full of odd shapes that makes it more evocative than representational, but the feel is transformative, taking the reader into another world that’s unique in so many ways. And it’s inspiring, seeing Charlotte find out that there are people who will support what she does creatively.

You can read half the book at the MoMA website.

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