Pay Video-on-Demand Gaining Greater Acceptance, New Audience

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Is this movie news or TV news? More and more, it is difficult to distinguish the two.

I’ve been using the site to find out where items are available to stream. It’ll tell you where you can watch or rent movies and TV shows. It’s a help, particularly when it comes to obscure movies (turned out one was available for me to watch for free, easily, through Hoopla, the library service).

They put out this infographic, looking at attitudes towards Premium Video-on-Demand: studios charging people to watch at home movies that in more normal times would have been released in theaters (such as Warner’s Scoob!).

They found that 89% of the thousands of people surveyed were willing to pay to rent such a movie, although fewer than half thought the $19.99 price was one they were willing to pay. Also interesting is the result that almost a quarter of non-moviegoers would be interested in renting at home. (I would think that would be higher, actually.)

Premium Video on Demand Infographic

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