Valiant Offers Portfolio Reviews for Comic Writers

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It’s rare enough any established comic publisher is willing to look at portfolios these days, let alone for writers! That work is harder to judge quickly, and it’s seen as easier to be a writer than an artist, so more fans tend to give it a go, which means a smaller percentage of good stuff to find.

With a stated aim “to assist aspiring comic book creators and discover new voices for future projects”, Valiant is offering portfolio reviews for aspiring writers via virtual one-on-one ten-minute sessions with their editors Heather Antos or Lysa Hawkins. However, there’s a big catch — they won’t look at scripts, only existing comic pages, so you’ll have to have previously published (or at least created) work.

Twenty people will be chosen for reviews on September 10 or 11. To be chosen,

Email your submission to
Subject line: Name, Discipline, Available Date
Subject line example: Colin King, Writer, September 10th & 11th
Please note: Submissions should be no more than 20 comic pages, plus a credits/contact page. This can be a one-shot, combination of various scenes, or short stories. Do NOT submit any scripts or pitches. They will be deleted immediately. Only previously published comics may be submitted (self-published is okay).

These are due September 3 (this coming Thursday).

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  • James Schee

    Seems a bit of a waste of time to me. If you are already published, have access to artists to draw comics for you based on your scripts. Why do you need Valiant or their editors for?

  • Some people like working in a more formal structure. Some appreciate professional feedback. Some really want to work on those particular characters. Some want the increased attention brought with working for an established publisher. Some have made their own comics and don’t want to do it again. :)

  • James Schee

    Yea this is true I guess. My disinterest I guess comes from feeling like Valiant lacks an identity as a company.I have tried various series of theirs over the years and nothing memorable has ever stuck out to me about them.

    I suppose it’d be good, if you are interested in moving into a work for hire path in comics, to get a foot in the door there. And constructive criticism would be good to have. Though I think in end the best work comes from just keep doing the work and improving yourself, if you have the talent for it.

  • Oh, the Valiant comics I’ve seen have been aggressively mediocre. No unique qualities or memorable bits at all.

    The problem is that you pretty much have to do work-for-hire if you want to have any hope of a career, as opposed to a hobby or sideline, in comics. The economics of this medium are still atrocious.

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