Revisiting Watson and Holmes

As many readers know, I’m a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes in many of his incarnations. That includes one of the recent comic reworkings, which I reread this weekend.

Watson and Holmes was a modernization that revamped the characters as Black men in modern-day New York. That makes a lot of sense for Watson’s Army background, as a war vet returned from Afghanistan. He’s meant to be the main character, working with a Holmes who refuses to be called Sherlock.

The series ran from 2013-2016 and had a difficult publication history, moving from digital to print and back again.

Watson and Holmes Volume 2

The end result was nine issues, collected in two books, which are available digitally (at half price at the time of writing) via ComiXology. They’re worth the read.

My favorite stories were the last two, at the end of volume two. Lyndsay Faye, who has written other Sherlockian stories, plots both of them. The first is a twist on “The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist”, while the second turns Irene Adler, opera singer, into a recording artist whose new single is desired by Moriarty for his label. It’s a clever update.

I wish there had been more, but apparently, the publisher is now working on getting interest in a media adaptation.


  • We are working on other projects too, but our goal is to take Watson and Holmes live action, and actually have the Moriarty arc we wanted for V3. If there’s demand and the means to it, we will make a V3, just comics are time consuming and costly.

  • I would love to see more, however it comes! Thanks for the update on the plans.

  • Anyone want to play? Who would you cast in a live action Watson and Holmes?

    I haven’t thought about this very long, but I’d pick Steve Harris as Watson. I thought he did a great job playing a character of quiet justice in The Practice, tough when needed. No idea for Holmes yet. (I would have loved Michael Clarke Duncan as Mycroft.)

  • Your a mindreader Johanna. I think hes a bit old to play him now, but I was thinking about him during the development of the Book around 2011. In terms of VOICE, he is absolutely Watson, when I read the books, its his voice I hear. My choices (Id think Paul Mendoza would agree) for Watson are Winston Duke, Laz Alonzo, and Damien Poitier. For Sherlock, Lakeith Stanfield is my first choice. For Mycroft, Im thinking Wendell Pierce. I’d love to hear other folks suggestions(Heck it would give me ideas to suggest to other producers!)

  • Oh, cool! Great minds and all.

    Winston Duke would be amazing. I’m not familiar with the work of the other two but their pictures look nice. :) And yeah, Pierce would make a cool Mycroft.

    That is a great choice for Holmes! And I’d hope other people would weigh in, too, if they wanted.

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