Beach Party Movies on Amazon Prime Video

Bikini Beach

If you’re looking for some escapism, particularly since many of us didn’t have a summer vacation this year, how about a whole slate of 60s beach party movies?

You can read more about the history and why I like them at that link, but this month, Amazon has made the following available on Prime Video to watch for free if you’re a subscriber.

Bikini Beach

Weirdly, the first, Beach Party, and the best-titled, Beach Blanket Bingo, are not available. You can pay to rent the first but the latter isn’t available to US viewers right now.

If you’d also like a recommendation for a much more modern take on partner-finding and -swapping at the beach, I enjoyed watching A Good Old Fashioned Orgy, in which a group of thirty-something friends led by Jason Sudeikis decide to throw one last crazy party when he’s about to lose the family beach house. It’s also available to watch free on Prime Video right now.

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  • James Schee

    Oh wow just other day I was thinking I hadn’t seen these movies in a long time. Thanks Johanna!

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