Get Legal Information About Comic Contracts

Jeff Trexler

Tomorrow, as part of the Small Press Expo’s virtual programming — I only realized today that I would have been there this weekend in any other year — there’s a panel that I’m glad to see.

Jeff Trexler, the new interim Executive Director of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF), will be conducting a panel on “Comics and Contracts” at 11 Eastern on Sunday, September 13. As with the other panels, it can be viewed at the Small Press Expo YouTube channel. The panel is described as covering these topics:

What considerations should an artist consider in negotiating a contract? How do factors like copyrights, media rights, licensing, reversion rights figure into a contract? … Trexler will also discuss how he sees the CBLDF providing resources for these issues in the future.

Much fun as it is to discuss artistic influences and such, I’m thrilled to see more practical advice panels added to convention schedules as well.

Update: Here’s the panel. Lots of great content!

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