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Atari Force special

I’m jealous of Andrew. He has a bound copy of Atari Force. He had it made, of course, since the collection never appeared, and those were two separate runs anyway — the solicit was for the mini video game pack-in comics, while Andrew has the later 20-issue run collected.

Anyway, fun post on memories of the series by Gerry Conway, José Luis García-López, and others, as well as how the binding was done. One of my fondest possessions is a quick sketch Mr. García-López did of Dart, my favorite character from that series. As Andrew says,

it was a really solid team book with an interesting cast of characters overseen by an excellent creative team

As regular readers know, an Atari Force backup is my favorite comic story.

Also, imagine my surprise while flipping through the last issue of Shazam!, #14, which came out a couple of weeks ago. In the final wrapup pages, as writer Geoff Johns is summing up some adventures the team had that we weren’t shown, there’s this caption:

In the Gamelands, we helped the Gamesmaster rescue the Atari Force, which was super cool.

Sure, it’s likely just trademark maintenance, as I can’t see the group of characters I loved meshing well with this, but it was a nice little mention.

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