My Current Favorite Comic: Alien Sherlock

I try not to cross the streams too often here, because y’all presumably come to find out about comics (and related movies and books), not my weird continuing obsession with Sherlock, but there is an ongoing fan comic on Tumblr that makes me extraordinarily happy whenever I see it.

As created by Kitten-Kin, it started with the idea that Sherlock (as seen on TV, with the black coat and blue scarf) is actually a shape-shifting alien, as shown here.

The Stray-nger Chronicles by Kitten-Kin

Of course, he bumps into John, who takes the alien home (not really knowing of the alien-ness) and takes care of them. The two mate and have a baby named Ian, who looks like silly putty, because shapeshifter.

My favorite part is, of course, when Mycroft shows up. Also a shapeshifting alien, Mycroft has come to help with childcare. But first he meets Inspector Lestrade, who doesn’t know what to make of him.

Alien Mycroft by Kitten-Kin

Kitten-Kin has titled this “The Stray-nger Chronicles” and the links to everything so far can be found under that name in this post. I adore the simple, breezy style, the sense of humor, and the light-hearted emphasis on family.

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