Staged Now Available in the US


One of my favorite quarantine watches has been Staged. It’s a British TV series in which Michael Sheen and David Tennant (who previously starred together in Good Omens) talk over video chat. They’re supposed to be rehearsing for a play whose staging was canceled due to the pandemic. Instead, they commiserate about life under lockdown, annoying each other and struggling with such challenges as home schooling and checking on the neighbors. Also appearing are their partners, Anna Lundberg and Georgia Tennant. And there are some amazing guest stars, whose appearances I will not spoil.

Hulu has now made Staged available in the US. It’s well worth a watch. And at only six episodes of 20-something minutes each (expanded from the original 15-minute airings on British TV), it’s an easy binge. Highly recommended.

Michael Sheen in Staged

David Tennant in Staged


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