Dash Graphic Novel Available for Order in Comic Shops

Dash Volume 1: The Case of the Mysterious Zita Makara

Dash, the retro gay private eye noir comic, had a successful Kickstarter this past summer. Now that the book is going to exist, you can order it through your local comic shop.

Dash Volume 1: The Case of the Mysterious Zita Makara will be in stores in December and can be pre-ordered with Diamond code OCT20 1498. It contains six issues’ worth of story with 40 pages of new stories and an introduction by Steve Orlando. You can read a lengthy preview online.

The lead is like Sam Spade mixed with Indiana Jones, as there’s a mystical artifact and a mummy kidnapping and killing people. There’s more gore than I’d like; that’s not exactly faithful to the private detective genre that’s the reason I’m reading. But then, I’m notoriously squeamish that way, and killing people raises the stakes for needing to defeat an evil supernatural being. I also wish we hadn’t lost one of the characters we did early on, although such loss is a necessary part of noir.

The new stories give more backstory on Dash, his policeman friend, and his secretary, all of which was welcome. There are hints of plans for more — I hope this does well enough for them to happen.

Dash Volume 1: The Case of the Mysterious Zita Makara

(Note that I’m thanked in the afterword, just for talking about the book. I had no idea, but writer Dave Ebersole and artists Delia Gable and Vinnie Rico are welcome. I’m glad comics still has space for this kind of odd little genre mash-up and retro evocation.)

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