Food Manga Titles on Sale Digitally

What Did You Eat Yesterday? volume 1 cover

As a tie-in to the upcoming US Thanksgiving holiday, Kodansha has put a number of food-connected digital manga titles on sale through November 30 in a promotion they’re calling “Delicious Delicacies”, with installments up to 50% off.

The lead title is one of my very favorites, What Did You Eat Yesterday? by Fumi Yoshinaga.

Delicious Delicacies Kodansha manga sale

Unfortunately, not all the series volumes are discounted. Only the first half of the Yesterday series is included, for example, although it’s a great price for volumes 1-7. This’ll give you plenty of space to sample and hopefully get you hooked.

Also included that I recommend are the first six volumes of Sweetness & Lightning and the first three books of Is Kichijoji the Only Place to Live? Click the banner to find out what other titles are included in the sale.

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