Boyfriend Material

Boyfriend Material

I have just finished reading Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall, and I had to tell people how wonderful it is.

Luc is the mid-20s son of two former rock stars, although he hasn’t ever known his father. His parentage means that he’s in the tabloids whenever he does anything embarrassing in public, though, and that’s made him jaded and insecure.

Oliver is a gorgeous ethical vegetarian barrister who nevertheless hasn’t had relationship success, because he puts too much stress on himself. (I was reminded of a younger Colin Firth from Bridget Jones’s Diary.)

Both need a boyfriend for upcoming important social events — Luc to keep his job as a charity fundraiser, and Oliver to please his never-happy parents — so it’s time for fake dating! Only they actually are pretty good for each other.

Boyfriend Material

I was rooting so hard for them, when I wasn’t laughing at the clever humor and the goofy situations. The characters are the kinds of friends you want. Even the ridiculously clueless upper-class twit Alex Twaddle tries to do the right thing.

From the stupid jokes Luc starts his workdays with to the absolutely ridiculous publishing catastrophes his best friend Bridget gets into to the adorable way the two boyfriends text, I couldn’t put the book down. It’s a terrific read, and if you like romantic comedy, particularly when cross-class opposites attract, you should try it.

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