Dumped Available Again From Author

Dumped by Andi Watson

Andi Watson put out Dumped through Oni Press back in 2002. It’s a modern sort of romance, where a woman who runs a vintage clothing shop and a man fascinated by discarded paperbacks meet and get to know each other.

I liked it because it deals with the nature of collection and obsession and how we define ourselves through our possessions. It’s been out of print a long while, but now, with today’s technology, Watson has spruced it up into a new hardback edition he’s selling online. Also, it’s no longer greyscale, but in color. He said:

Dumped was of its time in that there are references to such up-to-date items as disposable film cameras but the underlying theme of global warming is as relevant as ever.

That’s true. You should check out a copy if you get a chance. Unfortunately, shipping to the US is almost as much as the book itself, but think of it as a collectible.

Dumped by Andi Watson

Dumped by Andi Watson

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