No In-Person SPX This Year

SPX logo

I’m disappointed to once again miss gathering in Bethesda, but I appreciate an organization that wants to protect its attendees and guests.

The Small Press Expo organizers have announced that “SPX 2021 will be held virtually” for health and safety reasons. With only four months to go until the show, it’s a cautious, sensible decision. The pandemic isn’t over yet, particularly given how many people are refusing to make the smart, scientific choice of getting vaccinated.

I suspect they would have announced this earlier, but they had to make sure the finances were covered, given cancellation penalties and similar guarantees. As a result, the show will not be able to make charitable donations to other groups until 2024, but it will survive.

Programming will be held online, “along with a livestream of the Ignatz Awards ceremony. We will also be announcing special guests who will take part in the virtual panels and workshops.” I look forward to hearing those announcements in the months to come.

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