Lytton #1

After I wrote about Cutaway Comics last year, they got in touch to see if I wanted to check out their comics. Of course, I said yes, so they sent some digital copies to review.

As I mentioned previously, Lytton was a mercenary who appeared in the 5th Doctor story “Resurrection of the Daleks” (Tegan’s last episode) and the 6th Doctor story “Attack of the Cybermen”. Lytton #1 (written by former Doctor Who script editor Eric Saward, art by Barry Renshaw) is a flashback. It’s 1975, in a parallel world, and Lytton is running a jazz nightclub in London, aided by his second-in-command, Wilson, who served in Vietnam with him.

He’s also in search of alien technology, which he may have a lead on, if he can let go of his loyalty. Lytton is a violent man in unusual circumstances. He isn’t the kind of character we learn much more about, since his appeal is his stoicism and mystery.

The art style is unusual. The lack of shading and use of pastel coloring give an otherworldly feel, as though it could all disappear with a strong breath. It’s unique, and I wound up paying more attention to the art because of it.

This isn’t the kind of comic I would have read without the Doctor Who connection, particularly since the only female character is a half-dressed bar girl. (Someone more interesting appears in issue #2.) It’s a lot of unpleasant people threatening each other as they chase after a maguffin. But it’s also the kind of book that will finally reveal what half the cast is talking about at the end, so it’s hard to judge as one of a four-issue miniseries. I am curious to find out what is exactly going on.

The issue also has a conversation with the writer about the character at the back. This series isn’t being carried by Diamond in the US, so your best choice, if you’re interested, is the publisher’s website. The story concludes in issue #4, due out next month.

The publisher’s newest title is Paradise Towers: Paradise Found, which is crowdfunding for two more days.

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