Meanwhile #10 Crowdfunding Now

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Want to see what’s going on in British cartooning? The chunky anthology Meanwhile… might be just the thing. Published by Soaring Penguin Press, the latest, extra-large issue (128 pages) is crowdfunding now. 16 stories, 21 creators, no particular theme other than aiming to present stories that stay with you, and to provide a place where established and rising talents artistically bump elbows.

It’s the home of Strangehaven by Gary Spencer Millidge, which I used to read in the 90s (let’s hear it for longevity!), but there’s also a new Roger Langridge series starting in this issue, and over half the stories are self-contained.

As a stretch goal, if they exceed the aim by a third more, there will be a brand new story by Peter Milligan and Steve Parkhouse (Resident Alien). You can also add onto a pledge the ability to get previous issues, or they’re available on comixology. The book is complete, so this is raising print money and the ability to give creators a bit more.

Meanwhile... banner

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