Wizard World Chicago Sells Tickets… For What?

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More news on the upcoming Wizard World Chicago — tickets are now on sale for the October show.

Single-day tickets range from $40-60, depending on day, while the three-day weekend is $90. The Gold VIP package, which primarily allows for early entry to the show and programming, is $180.

Note that no guests, programming, or exhibitors have yet been announced, so spending this kind of money on the weekend requires quite a lot of faith. “Details on celebrities, superstar creators, exhibitors, programming, entertainment, cosplay and other aspects of Wizard World Chicago 2021 will be announced as they become available.” The tickets are non-refundable, so if anything happens (event cancelled, say, or no guests you’re interested in, or disease rates spike and you don’t feel safe attending), you’ll get a credit for a future year at best, be out the money at worst.

It’s a circular argument. They can’t get commitments, most likely, until they’re sure the show is going to happen, and the show won’t be sure to happen until they have enough tickets sold, but tickets won’t sell until there’s more to promote.

Then there’s the social distancing component. Is there any point in spending money, time, and travel if you’re not allowed to shake hands with a creator or guest? Are you ready to sit next to a stranger in a panel room? What has to happen for you to feel comfortable going to a convention again?

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