Another Indy Comic Publisher to Call It Quits

AdHouse Books

Whenever one of these notes crosses my awareness, I’m rarely surprised. Comics is not a long-term, sustainable business for many people.

(As noted on Twitter by Joshua Dysart recently,

Almost every single person who got their start in comics from my generation, & from most others too, had some kind of supplemental income, & many people who appear successful today are either being subsidized by a spouse, family money, or some other means.

As to why… There’s no union, no minimal level of compensation, and too many people chasing dreams who are willing to work for little to nothing.)

But back to the news. In his latest message, Chris Pitzer announces that AdHouse Publications will be closing later this year. Sales are down, he’s getting older, and he has better things to do with money then continuing to pump it into a boutique business. They will make it to 100 publications (yay!), and I can see why that would be a good number to end on. They had an impressive run, and ending with an Immonen book is a pretty great way to go out.

AdHouse put out a number of outstanding works, aided by Chris’ designer eye. Some of my favorites were a previous Immonen book, Russian Olive to Red King; Salamander Dream (which I think was Hope Larson’s first graphic novel); the adventure of Johnny Hiro; and Hartley Lin’s Young Frances.

In my younger, more foolhardy days, I was contemplating dabbling in publishing comics. Since I lived in Richmond at the time, Chris was kind enough to provide some advice and discussion. He’s always been a helpful resource and a smart guy about the industry. My best wishes to him in his future endeavors.

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