Hallmark Doctor Who Ornaments Announced

Every year, I’m asked if there’s a Hallmark ornament I’d like. (I have to be asked because I have a history of picking series that end after only a few releases.) This year, the answer was really easy, because Hallmark is releasing two official Doctor Who ornaments.

I am not crazy about the colors on the Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor one.

Hallmark Doctor Who ornament

There was never that lime color in his scarf, nor the patches of white. You can see one of the images I suspect they used as a model on the Tom Baker webpage, because the pose is a good choice for the character.

The exciting release, for me, is the light-and-sound TARDIS.

Hallmark TARDIS ornament

It plays the Doctor Who theme and “the iconic sound effects of time travel” (which I assume means the whoap whoap rotor noise). I feel a bit sorry for the site copywriter, as it doesn’t appear they knew anything about the show, although they tried hard.

Both ornaments become available on October 2.

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