RushOrderTees Made Me a CWR Shirt!

Thanks to RushOrderTees, I now have a shirt with my website URL on it! They agreed to send me a sample in return for me mentioning them here. And I’m glad to know of a site that can do single copies of shirts, hoodies, and cups with a logo or design on them.

They have plenty of styles and colors to choose from. I’ve already washed it, and both the logo and the size held up, plus it arrived more quickly than expected. Note that the black-on-burgundy is my fault, as I don’t have a proper logo and was doing something quickly. But I like it being subtle.

Comics Worth Reading shirt

I don’t think the person I was working with is in the same as their regular customer service, but I wanted to highlight that they were patient and helpful when I wasn’t sure what I was doing, which was reassuring.

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