Bullet is a sweet little superhero story that’s almost done crowdfunding. It’s (accurately) described as follows:

After college student Dale DeSouza suddenly develops super speed, he splits his time between fighting villains and courting one of the researchers helping him find out more about his powers.

Story is by Randy Stone and Jordan Alsaqa with art & color by Kath Lobo. It’s a forty-page stand-alone, professionally done. There are a few fights, a few romantic moments, and a life-changing choice.


About the only problem with Bullet is the economics. It’s $6 Canadian (about $5 US) for a PDF copy or double that (plus additional shipping costs) for print. I can’t see how an individual can make it work for less, though, particularly in color.

There’s a link on the Kickstarter page where you can get a preview of almost half the issue in return for your email address.

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