The Official Batman Advent Calendar: Christmas in Gotham City

Batman Advent Calendar

I don’t know why I’m so into advent calendars this year — perhaps it’s because of the odd timeless nature of the world lately, where days pass so quickly and yet don’t seem to change at all, and I need more help keeping track of the date. Anyway, last year I had great fun with the OPI mini nail polish set, and I supposedly have the Doctor Who advent calendar on its way to me, but in the meantime, I can’t wait until it’s time to start opening The Official Batman Advent Calendar. (A copy was provided to me by the publisher.)

It’s easiest just to show you what it’s like.
(There are more, professional photos in the Amazon link above.)

Batman Advent Calendar

When you open the cover, there’s a set of paper pockets held shut with fugitive glue (that snot-like adhesive substance). If you’re giving this to a youngster — not too young, as there are pin badges and small items inside — you may want to open it up first and make sure all the pockets are still closed, as a couple of mine had come open in transit, particularly the ones with items inside that weren’t flat.

Batman Advent Calendar contents

Most of the items seem to be paper-based — a sticker or a tiny comic — but I can tell there’s also a keychain and a pencil in there. The size impressed me. Here it is with a standard-sized comic for comparison:

Batman Advent Calendar size comparison

And finally, one of the tiny comics (8 pages of cover reprints) next to the same standard-sized comic:

Batman Advent Calendar size.jpgBatman Advent Calendar tiny comic

This is going to be a lot of fun for the holidays! If Batman isn’t your thing, Insight Editions has also put out a Marvel Advent Calendar.

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