Cowboy Bebop Comic Out Next Week

Cowboy Bebop 1 cover A by Stanley Artgerm Liu

Ah, the hazards of licensed properties. Cowboy Bebop, an anime series launched in 1997, was incredibly popular. A live-action adaptation was finally made by Netflix last year, starring John Cho. The show debuted in November 2021. Less than a month later, the streamer announced a quick cancellation; there wouldn’t be any more past the first season of ten episodes. Pop culture has moved on already, new year, plenty more TV to anticipate or hate on.

Next week, Titan Comics releases their comic tie-in to the TV show version of the anime. I was curious, given that I like seeing John Cho, what it looked like. The answer was, neon-colored. There’s plenty of stylized action, past the covers, with a glorious palette by Roman Titov, but the likenesses aren’t particularly faithful. (Nothing unusual about that. Licensed adaptations like to emphasize the property, not the stars.) The four-issue miniseries is written by Dan Watters with art by Lamar Mathurin. Titan provided this cover gallery.

The color block is a blank cover, for sketches, that’s part of a set across the four issues. In addition to those eight, there are another 14 (!) retailer exclusives and variants. In case you want to hunt them down, there’s a gallery in the back of issue #1. And here are the preview pages.

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  • Sean Brodrick

    It was a good show, too bad it got canceled.

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