A Man and His Cat Volume 5

A Man and His Cat Volume 5

A Man and His Cat volume 5 was much more dramatic than I expected — or maybe wanted. I like this series by Umi Sakurai because seeing a lonely older man and an overlooked cat find each other was comforting and cozy. While this volume follows up the theme of the previous book about allowing oneself to rely on friends, the actual events were somewhat nerve-wracking.

Another cat that Fukumaru recognizes from the pet shop is lost and hurt. When Mr. Kanda returns home, Fukumaru runs out the door to find the other cat, but he quickly gets lost.

Much of this volume thus consists of Fukumaru out on the streets and Mr. Kanda getting increasingly upset looking for him. There was a lot of angst and loneliness and tears, is what I’m saying, and I wasn’t really prepared for that. I enjoy this manga because it’s normally so cute and comfortable and reassuring, in two lonely beings caring for each other. This book has caring, but the focus here is how risky that can be.

A Man and His Cat Volume 5

The situation provides lots of opportunity for friends to help look for the missing cat, as well as for the cat and owner to each reflect on how much they miss the other and how much the relationship means to them. It’s a real emotional roller coaster. I found it difficult to manage these days, but it was certainly engrossing, as I quickly turned pages to get them back together.

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