Cat Massage Therapy Volume 1

Cat Massage Therapy

These days, the only kinds of manga I want to read are soft and fluffy ones. (The state of the world has left me feeling fragile.) Thankfully, there are plenty. One odd little sub-genre that works very well for me is not just cat manga, but cats doing jobs. After I Am a Cat Barista, the next one I enjoyed was Cat Massage Therapy.

This one is a bit simpler in concept than the Barista book. Basically, the cat does massage by kneading, as cats do, or applying heat by curling up on them and purring. It’s absolutely adorable.

The manager has some trainees, which are, of course, kittens. Wearing little shirts. If you bribe the manager with treats, he’ll let you massage (pet) him, which is just as relaxing. After the first few chapters, a customer brings the staff to his office, where everyone falls in love with them, and work gets better as a result.

Cat Massage Therapy

The chapters are short, some as few as six pages, but more isn’t really needed, given the simplicity of the concept. The book is full-color, but the palette is muted, soft neutrals, which adds to the feeling of relaxation. It is all impossibly cute, and just what I needed.

The final-page author’s note says, “I hope my manga can help you unwind after an exhausting day.” It definitely does.

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