BBC Sherlock Gets New Licensed Product

I am a huge fan of both Sherlock Holmes and the BBC Sherlock TV series. (Those two things don’t always go together.)

As a fan of the latter, I have, of course, wondered if the show was really done. It’s been 12 years since it debuted, five years since the final episode of season 4 (the last so far) aired.

Cast of Sherlock

Both Benedict Cumberbatch, who starred as Sherlock Holmes, and Mark Gatiss, co-creator, writer, and Mycroft Holmes actor, have recently been quoted as saying, when asked about the show’s future, “Never say never, but…” which is not exactly inspiring.

However, there was a recent piece of news that gave me one of those tiny glimmers of hope. To quote the ICv2 article,

Lucky Duck Games has announced a deal with BBC Studios to produce a series of games based on the television show Sherlock.

Not just *a* game, but a series! There has already been a Cluedo (Clue to us Americans) with the characters.

Sherlock Cluedo

The first new game, Sherlock: Case Connection, is due out in the second quarter of this year. It’s a detection game with pictures of characters and locations from the show, for 2-4 players and priced at $24.99.

Sherlock: Case Connection sample image

I’m glad to see something new come out, although it probably means nothing other than someone thought it would make money. There’s still a lot of interest out there, though.

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