I’m Going to San Diego This Year!

We are long past the days when you could up and decide to go to the San Diego Comic-Con, which starts in two weeks, but somehow, I managed it. (With thanks to a friend with a hotel room, another friend with an extra badge, and a third who needed panel moderating help.)

Comic-Con International: San Diego logo

So! I’m going to be there Wednesday through Friday (as unfortunately I cannot be away from home for longer trips right now). Look for me at the Titan Comics Doctor Who panel on Thursday at 2 PM, or Heidi MacDonald’s Journalism panel on Thursday at 5 PM (or if you’re not interested in that, my friend Deb Aoki is moderating the Manga Publishing Industry Roundtable at the same time, darn scheduling).

I’m also kind of fascinated by “Psychology of Cult TV Shows: How to Cope with Loneliness Through Pop Culture” Thursday at 8 PM, but I will probably be drinking by then. (The OTHER coping strategy.)

If you want me to come say hi or check out your comic, let me know how to find you!

(I am so thrilled and simultaneously terrified right now. I last went to San Diego sometime in the early 2000s, and I thought it was astoundingly overwhelming then.)

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