Dinosaur Therapy

Dinosaur Therapy

I adore Dinosaur Therapy.

This small, square hardcover collects webcomics from Dinos and Comics, written by James Stewart and illustrated by K Romey. They’re simple but refreshingly blunt.

In three- or four-panel comics, simply styled dinosaurs — they look like they’re loosely molded out of play-doh — talk honestly about the difficulties of life. A similarly frank introduction by the writer explains that he began creating these webcomics as a reaction to an ADHD diagnosis and a desire to “find a different way to do things.”

Dinosaur Therapy

The webcomic launched in September 2020, during the pandemic, at a time when people were forced to deal with anxiety, loneliness, and depression. Seeing cute dinos trying to do the same thing, with a layer of hope and a focus on the importance of connecting with others, was oddly reassuring. If pastel-colored dinosaurs could talk openly about their mental health struggles, maybe we could too.

Sections include growing up (or finding out how work sucks and life is unfair), depression, happiness (often found through basic items, like naps or friends), relationships (fighting loneliness), and stress and anxiety. If there’s a recurring theme, it’s that we could choose to make a different kind of world. That might be a lot of work, but clearly, there are a lot of us dinosaurs out there.

Here are a couple of my favorite strips. These aren’t in the book because they’re newer; maybe they’ll be in the upcoming sequel, Dinosaur Philosophy, due out in October.

I’m Too Old
Everything Vital

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