Cat + Gamer Volume 1

Cat + Gamer volume 1

This quiet manga is very relatable. Riko Kozakura is almost 30, a hard worker who gets her tasks done so she can leave the office every day at the stroke of 5 PM. She spends all her spare time playing video games, treating herself to expensive food while finishing up her latest game. Then she adopts a stray cat on a whim in Cat + Gamer by Wataru Nadatani.

Riko doesn’t know anything about taking care of a pet, but she’s determined to “level up” with her cat. She starts with the basics: food, litter, and activity. The cat tries to play games with her, watching the screen and chasing her controller. Riko needs to find the cat something else to do to prevent interference with her gaming.

The cat also needs a name, and the chapter where Riko tries out possibilities and attempts to figure out the animal’s gender is charming. Cat care is analogized to game quests. There are insert chapters where we see the world from the cat’s perspective, as well.

Cat + Gamer volume 1

The art is straightforward, simply styled and focused on the realism of the settings. That makes the tuxedo cat look even more adorable. Chapters revolve around everyday events, and the artist does a terrific job capturing the cat’s movement and poses.

Between the portrait of a happy, well-adjusted gamer and the charming cat, there’s a lot to enjoy about this manga. This is a wonderful read for anyone, particularly for anyone who wants a pet cat but can’t have one. After all, fictional cats are much better behaved.

Preview pages are available at the publisher’s website. (Review originally posted at Good Comics for Kids.)


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