The One True Me and You

The One True Me and You

The One True Me and You by Remi K. England is a queer geeky rom-com that stars my people. I loved it.

Kaylee is attending a convention dedicated to the latest entertainment incarnation of Sherlock Holmes. She writes popular Johnlock fic about the characters, and it’s the first time she’s meeting the best friends she’s made online. It’s also the first time she feels safe exploring the idea that she’s non-binary, using they/them pronouns, as her hometown is not queer-friendly.

Teagan is competing in a teen beauty pageant in the same hotel. She’s Miss Virginia, and while she has to hide that she’s a lesbian, she enjoys the confidence the competition gives her. As soon as she wins the scholarship money, she’s off to college and coming out. She’s also a fan, although she can’t admit it publicly.

They meet, they spark, but the complicating factor is that Miss North Carolina is a bully to both of them. Kay goes to school with her, while Teagan has to compete against her, and NC will do anything to win.

The One True Me and You

I was rooting for the couple immediately, and the important statements about the value of creation and self-awareness and acceptance and diversity in beauty just made the read all the more substantial.

Several of the events are thinly disguised. Kay cosplays as BAMF Army John Watson, for example, which is pretty much straight from BBC Sherlock, although there are other characters created. (I would love to see an adaptation with the techno-savvy version of Violet described here.) I feel as though I’ve seen these events and been to these panels. That makes it all the more real and poignant, to know how wonderful these kinds of conventions and friends can be as background to significant, life-changing events.

I know bunches of people who would love to read this, and I shall be pressing it on them immediately. (The publisher provided a digital review copy.)

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