Moriarty: Clockwork Empire #4 Covers

The series Moriarty: Clockwork Empire concludes with issue #4, due out mid-May.

(That link is about the first issue. I’ve also posted covers from the second issue, due in March, and the third issue, due in April.)

The series is written by Fred Duval & Jean-Pierre Pécau and illustrated by Stevan Subic and features a steampunk flavor and the appearance of Jekyll and Hyde. This issue can be preordered from your local comic shop with Diamond code MAR23 1042 for the Ianniciello cover and MAR23 1043 for the Subic cover.

Moriarty: Clockwork Empire #4 cover A by Claudia Ianniciello

Cover A by Claudia Ianniciello

Moriarty: Clockwork Empire #4 cover B by Stevan Subic

Cover B by Stevan Subic

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