Presenting on Sherlock Holmes in Comics at 221B Con This Weekend

Sherlock Holmes in Comics square logo

This coming weekend, April 14-16, 2023, is 221B Con in Atlanta, and I’m thrilled to go! It’s a fan-run gathering for those interested in Sherlock Holmes, any version through the ages, and it’s a fabulous time (based on how much I enjoyed attending for the first time last year).

I will be presenting on Sherlock Holmes in Comics at 5:30 PM on Saturday. Come see me!

I’ll also be one of the panelists for “Fan Friends in Real Life” — about meeting people you know online — Saturday at 2:30, and eager to be in the audience for the first panel, Friday at 5 PM, “The DI and the British Government”, about Mycroft Holmes and Greg Lestrade.

There are a bunch more fascinating topics, including panels on the detective entering the public domain and “the worst adventures of Sherlock Holmes”. I can’t wait!

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