Animated All-Star Superman Returns in 4K

All-Star Superman on 4K

In 2011, All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely was adapted by Dwayne McDuffie into a movie-length cartoon. I reviewed the animated All-Star Superman back then.

Now, as part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Warner Bros. Studios, it’s been re-released on 4K. It features a Superman (voiced by James Denton) who decides to do everything he’s ever wanted when he thinks he’s dying, including revealing his identity to Lois Lane (Christina Hendricks), before a final showdown with Lex Luthor (Anthony LaPaglia).

All-Star Superman on 4K

The 4K package comes with a Blu-ray and digital code. In addition to the previous special features, there are two new items: “An All-Star Adaptation” “includes insight from executive producer Bruce Timm, director Sam Liu, character designer Dusty Abell, and composer Christopher Drake” about how they chose what to include from the source and how to adapt Quitely’s unique art style. “An All-Star Salute to the Silver Age” looks at the story’s “historical inspirations” and the wacky comics of the Silver Age.

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