Self-Published Good Omens Graphic Novel Announced

Good Omens graphic novel promotional art

As longer-term site readers know, I loved the Good Omens TV show. Season 2 now has a release date (July 28), and the latest news is that Neil Gaiman, the Terry Pratchett Estate, and Colleen Doran are creating a graphic novel version that will be self-funded via Kickstarter.

Doran, a long-time co-creator of other projects with Gaiman, will be adapting and illustrating the work. She’s a great choice. Particularly since the characters aren’t being drawn as likenesses, as that would require a whole new set of permissions.

There is no date yet for the launch, or a price point, or news on whether the book will be available through traditional channels, but interested potential customers can sign up to be notified when the project launches.

Good Omens graphic novel promo art

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