The Ruthless Commander and His Reincarnated Warhorse

The Ruthless Commander and His Reincarnated Warhorse

I would never have read The Ruthless Commander and His Reincarnated Warhorse if it weren’t for my local comic club.
There’s a member who’s very knowledgeable about manga, especially BL, and her recommendations are often very entertaining. This one, story by Sakashima, art by Nomoto Narita, and published by KUMA (the BL imprint of Denpa), sounded wacky, so I gave it a try.

Sadly, it wasn’t wacky enough. The first chapter sets out the premise. A young man reincarnated as a foal. He really enjoys his life in the forest — and the artist does a great job drawing the joy of horse existence.

Then he comes across a soldier, and together they defeat a bear. The soldier turns out to be the commander of the title, and he decides to keep the horse. The horse decides to stay, in spite of rough training, because the commander is still injured. The horse becomes the only one who sees his potential kindnesses.

The Ruthless Commander and His Reincarnated Warhorse

Then in the second chapter, when the horse is trying to save the commander when he’s been kidnapped, he wishes for hands — and he turns into a young man. From then on, he’s hanging out in the commander’s tent telling him how much he likes him and how much he wants to be praised and kissed. Then comes the explicit sex.

The boy only briefly turns back into a horse to say goodbye to his horse mother. Which is good, given how much the book becomes about the two making out, but I liked the character much more as a horse. As a person, he’s an idiot.

I believe this is the only volume in the series. Which makes sense — the first chapter is great, the rest, forgettable. Also, I had to take my own picture of the cover because none of them online captured the pure neon orange of the cover.

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