The Atom Drives Batman

Sometimes it seems as though everyone’s doing supposedly funny write-ups of old comics, but Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog really wins the blue ribbon with his takedown of The Brave and the Bold #115, “the story where the Atom reanimates Batman’s corpse so that he can fight crime from beyond the grave.” …and that’s when the Atom shrinks down, hops into Batman’s ear canal, pauses just long enough to drop some knowledge on the kids by explaining how the ear works, and […]

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Wizard’s New Low

From the latest Wizard, page 23. To tie into the Nov. release of Frank Miller’s bootylicious cover to All-Star Batman and Robin #5, we whipped up this fun and saucy mix-and-match game. Below you’ll find eight lovely apple-bottoms (one of which is Miller’s cover); your job is to identify the character by her rump and match it to the artist below. Answers for these gluteus masterpieces are at the bottom (naturally). Does Wizard think women should be treated as cows, […]

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Maze Agency Tee-Hee

Spending a lovely afternoon rereading The Maze Agency, I came across this name-dropping in issue #12. For those who can’t read the text, here it is: Do you have an appointment, young man? Yes, ma’am, I’m Gabriel Webb… … and this is my secretary, Miss Laura Holt. This way, please. Mr. Morrigan will see you now. “Laura Holt”? Where did that name come from? I’ll tell you later… (Written by Mike W. Barr, art by Adam Hughes and Rick Magyar, […]

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