Understanding Slash Through Torchwood

I’ve never been a fan of slash or yaoi. I found reading about slash and its practitioners fascinating when I was studying fandom for my masters’ degree, but the material itself never did anything for me. I also keep trying yaoi (I seem to be one of the few general reviewers willing to cover it), but I don’t have an emotional connection to the stories or much personal interest in the genre. I was very much looking forward to the […]

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Well, THAT explains a lot. David Caruso’s performance on CSI: Miami is so mannered and odd that some took to calling him Carusobot. Priest breaks the code with a strangely complete theory: he’s playing Batman. I only watch the show because I really like Ainsley. I know, her name is really Emily Procter, but I will always remember her as Ainsley. Regular CSI is much better.

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