Americathon Due Out November 2

One of my favorite bad movies of all time, Americathon, is coming to DVD courtesy the Warner Archive on November 2. This news thrills me, because I can’t wait to own a copy. Made in 1979, it’s a time capsule of the era. John Ritter is the young (and dumb) President of an America with no oil (so everyone jogs and lives in their parked cars) that’s going bankrupt. National Indian Knitting Enterprises (hee hee) calls the debts due, so […]

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Steel and the Warner Archive

The Warner Archive DVD-on-demand program has expanded its coverage. Now it’s not just old movies but includes fan favorites or early work by known stars from all decades. For example, I just received for review a kitschy favorite of mine, the 1997 Steel. You can buy Steel beginning April 6. Although the DVDs are made to order, based on this, they’re very professional in quality, with attractive cover art, a standard-looking informative back cover, and image on the disc itself. […]

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Warner Begins Selling On Demand DVDs Direct to Customers

Yesterday was the debut of the Warner Archive, an online store where customers can buy made-on-demand DVDs of lesser-known movies. 150 titles are available taken from pre-1986 MGM, RKO Radio Pictures, and Warner Bros. Pictures films, with about 20 more titles added every month. DVDs are priced at $19.95 each for US customers only. [U]pon purchase, a state-of-the-art manufacturing on demand (MOD) system creates a made-to-order DVD indistinguishable in quality from a standard pressed DVD. The system places the DVD […]

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