Alphabetical Index of Archie Comics

Archie’s Christian Comics

America’s Teenager Preaches for Spire Comics (This article originally appeared in Hogan’s Alley #16, March 2009.) Most of the larger American comic publishers are willing to create licensed publications for various organizations that aren’t sold through the usual markets. DC Comics, for example, has done free Superman giveaways for the United Nations, warning children in war areas of the dangers of land mines, and for the Doris Day Animal Foundation, telling kids not to torture pets. Marvel Comics created a […]

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The End of the Archie Marriage Storyline

Archie #605 completes the Archie marriage storyline that began in Archie #600. For 3 issues, we read the imaginary story of how Archie and Veronica got married and had twins. Then, it was Betty’s turn. This last issue of the story gives Betty and Archie twins (just like Archie and Veronica had) and catches up with many of their Riverdale friends, as they also move on with their adult lives. As you might expect, given the relatively short three-issue story […]

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Archie Gets Drafted

I was stunned when I found this story, cover-featured in Everything’s Archie #16, dated October 1971. I had no idea that Archie had tackled anything so timely. It didn’t turn out as all as I expected, either. And look, there’s more than one black guy in Riverdale! The splash page repeats the cover with the addition of this caption: The story you are about to read, is a story with a message for everyone! It is about the feelings and […]

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch: The Magic Revisited

It’s about time! Archie finally got around to collecting the first four issues of the Sabrina the Teenage Witch revamp, Sabrina #58-61 (2004), as a digest. Although the content is strongly manga-influenced, as written and drawn by Tania del Rio, it has little else in common with that format — this book is color, it’s only 112 pages (a little more than half the length of most manga), and it’s priced halfway between Tokyopop’s young readers price point ($6) and […]

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Archie #565: Wrong About Manga

What an odd mix of stories. First, Archie’s featured in a magazine picture, and his new role as “teen model” goes to his head. Betty and Veronica teach him a lesson by convincing him to make himself look like an idiot. They get their payback, though, when he ditches them for a couple of other random girls. Next, Archie and Jughead fight because Jughead thinks Archie should go out with Betty and Archie wants to call Veronica. Everyone’s scowling at […]

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